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Matchboxes have a unique place in history. From serving as entry to 1920s speakeasies to collecting them from restaurants as a kid, they represent where you’ve been and where you’re going. Each Matchbox combines high quality, hand drawn traits to create a unique,  one of a kind work of art that not only is great to look at, but also serves as your key to the Club.

We've partnered with Jason Carne, a lettering artist and graphic designer with a focus on print and packaging. Jason has over a decade of experience in both print and logo design with a penchant for decorative and ornate lettering. With a client list including Disney, Harley Davidson, Wu-Tang Clan and many others, Jason brings a unique artistic perspective to the NFT space.


Your journey will start in the SPEAKEASY with Mortimer, the founding member of The Atlas Lyons Club. He will guide you through a series of exclusive, secretive, and often dangerous underground clubs and speakeasies. Owners of an Atlas Lyons Matchbox who face their FUD and participate in the Atlas experiences, will see their role in the community grow, and ultimately be rewarded for their contribution.

At The Atlas Lyons Club every NFT is valuable and will gain you access to an underground you wish you had known of sooner.


Welcome to the Morty-Map, where members follow their guide Mortimer through the The Atlas Lyons Club roadmap. Being a member comes with exclusive access to merch, giveaways and other experiences. But, this is a given with most NFT projects - Mortimer has bigger plans for all of you.

Our core objectives and deliverables facilitated by our old sport Mortimer are found below:

Join Mortimer in the Atlas Speakeasy for great conversation and a community like no other. Your access to the club is one of 1920 hand drawn, highly stylized and randomly generated collectibles that serves as your membership. These Roaring 20s themed Matchbox collectibles are your key to guide you through the Atlas Lyons Club experiences.
The Atlas Lyons Club mission is to deliver a chance for EVERY member to escape their current world and imagine one of their own making.

Join Mortimer, the founding member of the club, and The Atlas Club team as they lead you through the process, and give you an opportunity to launch your own NFT project. Bring your idea & Atlas Lyons brings the rest!

Your ideas will be voted on, tested and their fate ultimately decided by the Atlas Lyons Club NFT Incubator Community. Those that have their projects selected will see the project from inception to launch, thus becoming an Atlas Founder with your own exclusive NFT.
Atlas Lyons Club members will vote for which projects get the “green light” for acceptance into the incubator, and the community will help shape all aspects of the projects.

Atlas Lyons is a club that promotes freedom of expression. Club roles will facilitate members ability to shape new projects. Whether it’s marketing, art, solidity development or you just have an amazing idea there is a place for you in the Atlas Lyons world.

**Upon our genesis token sell out, the Atlas Lyons Community wallet will be funded to support the Atlas Club Projects & Founders.**
Mortimer and the 1920s come to life through a 10K PFP avatar drop that embodies Morty, the Speakeasy and his founding crew. Each ICONIC will be highly stylized in the same 1920s theme and representative of the diverse community we strive to build. All club members will be eligible to claim an ICONIC.
With guidance from Mortimer and our securities lawyers, our vision is for members to have the opportunity to benefit from the success of the Atlas Lyons Club and all the projects that launch from our incubator. Our goal is to legally provide financial dividends to our members beyond the initial value of the collectible and roadmap deliverables.


We're a group of lifelong corporate junkies who started in crypto and then aped hard into NFTs like the rest of you. While we're trying to escape the corporate world, we're also not going to overlook the skills it has helped us build. This team brings decades of marketing, finance, analytics and full stack dev experience from global Fortune 100 companies.

Our inspiration from the start has been building something that helps people pursue their dreams. We have day jobs that don't fulfill us, and we've found this community as an escape. We want to help people escape permanently and plan out this new world. The Atlas Lyons Club is the manifestation of this pursuit. Through it, we hope to give all of our members a chance to live a life closer to the one they want.


The "Snitch" is known for his ability to uncover and predict industry trends while also sniping rare NFTs.  He spent > 15 years as a marketing and branding leader @ Fortune 100 companies.  Snitch is a Co-Founder of Atlas Lyons and is a professional herder of cats.  He is known best for his dry humor and extreme sarcasm.

Von Frontin

Von has been in the corporate world for 17+ years. A lawyer by training, he's spent his career so far largely in finance and marketing. As Co-Founder of Atlas Lyons, he's a jack of all trades but a master of none, unless relentless organization and project management are a "trade".


The elusive "whale" of NFTs. After over 20 years of leading marketing, analytics, and R&D teams as a corporate shill, Mobee just wants to have fun, and help grow the NFT space. As our head of Marketing & lead story teller, he is committed to delivering an engaging, inclusive experience for all Atlas members.


Giles has been practicing pixelcraft professionally for almost 20 years in the fields of UX/UI, product design, web development, graphic design, animation, video production...and pretty much anything else involving pushing pixels and/or cryptocurrency.